Andrew Landers has spent 2 decades playing his narrative in the unsung Americana Folk genre, a colorful brainy singer songwriter who has shared the stage with a myriad of national artists. His music has been heard all over the United States, Europe, Africa and Latin America. With 11 records to his name, he is the epitome of a modern day traveling corduroy storytelling troubadour changing the world one song at a time.

The Wedding

I'm preparing for a wedding that I'm super stoked about officiating (yes, that’s not a typo... the corduroy hippie troubadour poet is in charge of sharing thoughts about LOVE and WAR) smile emoticon So I asked my wife of 17 years what paradisiacal thoughts would you throw at these young-in’s about to enter into this amazing institution called marriage. So, here’s how it went down: First off, she looked at me with a blank stare for about 10 minutes, almost like someone put her under anesthesia (a tad disheartening... but in a weird way peacefully quiet). Secondly, she then reluctantly comes out of the coma and says, "talk about that verse in the bible that says... love covers a multitude of sins" (lots of happy joy joy romanticism around here people!) So I said... seriously that's all you got? Too which she says, "I’m headed to Trader Joe's, grill hot dogs for the kids, take them swimming, read a few books to them, clean the house, and make it big in the music industry." smile emoticon I'll get right on that! 

So after all that, here are the 5 things I feel I have really learned after examining the last 17 years of marriage to share with Shae and Steven at there celebration:
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