Andrew Landers has spent 2 decades playing his narrative in the unsung Americana Folk genre, a colorful brainy singer songwriter who has shared the stage with a myriad of national artists. His music has been heard all over the United States, Europe, Africa and Latin America. With 11 records to his name, he is the epitome of a modern day traveling corduroy storytelling troubadour changing the world one song at a time.

The Old Tree Fell

This happened in the middle of the night. You are looking at an 80-foot pine tree who finally was laid to rest in my neighbors yard. This tree was probably birthed around 1915 when gas was only 15 cents a gallon, the Model T was introduced to the world and the Boston Red Sox (with Babe Ruth) won the pennant. If this tree could have talked... The stories it could have shared would have been amazing. If this old fella would have fallen to the left instead of the right all three of the Landers automobiles would have been crushed (accept Dawson’s piece of crap Subaru that’s under the deck that will never rise from the dead. I seriously keep this car as a reminder to never buy a vehicle again without a left brainer present.) Pretty sure that giant tree was thinking about us when it took its last breath and fell onto that soft lawn. He new 2015 was a tad rough on the Landers tribe. He heard the laughter and saw the tears. He danced to the music and witnessed the fights. He watched the basketball games out front, and anxiously waited to see if the first time drivers would pull into the driveway safely. He welcomed a little boy home from the hospital after way too many surgeries and said a sad goodbye as he watched that same little boy be rushed back for more. He was present every single day. Faithful to always show up. A cool metaphor for us on this Wednesday December the 9th.
So live fully today... Cut loose the regrets of yesterday and let go of the worries of tomorrow. Fall into the moments you’re given and you'll soon realize you’re swimming in a sea of miracles. So be ever present today. Show up and be faithful to things you believe in and love so dearly.

P.S. I feel a song coming on, but before I write it I'm going to hug that old tree! Yep... I am a tree-hugger now! smile emoticon

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