Andrew Landers has spent 2 decades playing his narrative in the unsung Americana Folk genre, a colorful brainy singer songwriter who has shared the stage with a myriad of national artists. His music has been heard all over the United States, Europe, Africa and Latin America. With 11 records to his name, he is the epitome of a modern day traveling corduroy storytelling troubadour changing the world one song at a time.

"Kodak Moments"

If we only lived inside of the "Kodak Moments" of this life our souls would be so freakin empty and colorless. It's the valleys that ignite the soul with courage, strength, and compassion to see through the lenses of Jesus. We tend to say things like "I am blessed" with the best of intentions, but the real translation is: When I'm on the mountain top and my world is right then I proclaim the goodness of God. Let me share a few thoughts if I may on this rainy morning in Fredrick Maryland. 
-God's goodness is never separate from the valleys of struggle and suffering. In fact I would say he resides in those places of doubt, fear, confusion, and pain. 
-God's blessing is that "HIS PRESENCE" is always with us. Remember God was not created for you. We were created for HIM!
-I hate when I see pro athletes after hitting a home run or scoring a touchdown lift there head to the sky and give props to Jesus. Metaphorically saying to the world..."Jesus helped me do that and I am blessed." I think thats okay if one thing happens (theology lesson #1) When they strike out with the bases loaded or throw an interception they display the same kind of props and pleasure of His goodness. You see thats acknowledging that our God is good all the time. And that "being blessed" is not about defeat or victory - failure or success. It's about Gods presence being with us IN BOTH! This is really, really GOOD NEWS!

Anyway... I needed to write this today. Medicinal for me. My heart is breaking on lots of levels, that may just be BY DESIGN in the context of God's goodness to and for me. I know I'm called to this passage, and he is with me. I want to sail on the wings of faith through these storms, not jut get through it, but proclaim the wonders of the goodness of Jesus. The end. ‪#‎neveralone‬‪#‎cantstopthebus‬ ‪#‎kindnesstoall‬ ‪#‎blessed‬

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