Andrew Landers has spent 2 decades playing his narrative in the unsung Americana Folk genre, a colorful brainy singer songwriter who has shared the stage with a myriad of national artists. His music has been heard all over the United States, Europe, Africa and Latin America. With 11 records to his name, he is the epitome of a modern day traveling corduroy storytelling troubadour changing the world one song at a time.

Family & Jerry Springer

- So I have an older sister Mandie and a little sister Randie. Yep, that's not a typo... it's Mandie, Andy, and Randie. A devastating reality that usually finds you on Jerry Springer sometime in the middle of your life, somewhere in the middle of America. I was teased incessantly by kids that would yell "Handy Andy Pandy" "Ragady Andy" "Modus Operandi Andy" or the worst "Tony Romo". So anyway... why would loving parents give us names such as this? Glad you asked. My Mom and Dad were Undercover-Right-Winged-Evangelical Secret Agents for years infiltrating the Italian Mafia living the drug-infested life of murder, espionage and truly amazing pizza. To get your head around it, you need to think... "Mission Impossible" meets "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" but with a Conservative Baptist Christian K-Love bent to it. Anyway... that's NOT how it went down, but that would have been PRETTY FREAKIN RAD!!!!!! You see, my Dad is an identical twin. His name is Ted, his twin brothers name was Ned, and there Fathers name was Fred! Ted, Ned, and Fred. TRUTH. So, through lots of therapy, amazing support groups, and a few chemical addictions me and my sisters have finally found peace with the names Amanda Landers-Each, Miranda Landers Rigg, and "King Most Gorgeous Man on Earth" (that's what Siri calls me... AND I LIKE IT!) The moral of this story is: Be thankful... your parents could have named you (and these are REAL names folks that I found online, hard to believe, but true) Steve Sharts, Brownie Shytles, Misty Hyman, Dr. James Gross Weiner, Hashtag Jameson, Ben Dover, Mike Litorus, Yolanda Squatpump, Dr. Pornsak, Oliver Loser, Uranius Johnson, Tahra Dactyl, Chris P. Bacon, Alma L. Knack, and Donald Trump smile emoticon So to my Mom and Dad Mertie Peterson Landers and Ted Landers I thank you for giving me a GOOD name and a GREAT story. Love you. ‪#‎INEEDANAP‬

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